Top 12 Creative Resumés

November 25, 2019

Regardless of the industry, applying for jobs can be daunting and exhausting. Sometimes you may have the experience but getting your resume to the top of the stack is the biggest hurdle. After all the words and titles, proving your creativity expertise on a sheet of paper can feel like a backwards battle.

The best solution to this? Show your creative capabilities. These creative resumes display their creativity through design that’s unique and eye-catching, to hopefully bring inspiration to your design resumes. Below you may find some ways to show off your talent when applying for your next job or project.

01. Andy Morris

Simplicity has always won the best design for the project. Andy Morris did that in his creative CV: a LEGO mini-figure. Taking out the picture that some resumes have, Andy took that 3D and used an imitation of himself, with a laptop and a resume in his hands. With a short and witty summary on the back, this packaging also includes contact information and a link to his website. Take a look at his own logo at the top left!

02. Victor Rodriguez

The resume could be fooled for a cereal box design, but up close it is so much more. His name at the centre is so integrated into the design that it looks like there’s an actual cereal called VICK. Not only does it show his ability to create a compelling graphic design that’s attention-grabbing, but also that he can craft a successful product design.

03. Pierre-Marie Postel

With a much different style, a graphic designer and illustrator named Paiheme created a fascinating illustration style that’s eye-catching. His integration of wordings and visuals is playful but mimics a Japanese printed advertisement. This design has quirks that brings out his personality while staying to the theme of the design. The design is much longer than one page but includes a top 3 skills, a phone number, email, age, dates available, education, languages, hobbies, and social media accounts.

04. Brennan Gleason

Cheers to the new creative director at a Vancouver digital marketing agency, Brennan Gleason, an interaction designer. Not only did Brennan creatively relate his skills to a beer and display them on it, but he also made the beer himself. This resume is a full product design, as it intended was to create an experience with the hiring manager: a space to talk about his experience while drinking a beer. From the label on each beer, actual cardboard holder, to the design on the holder - Brennan delivered a full product in the efforts to show his experience.

05. Linda Nakanishi

What better way to promote your ability to create infographics, then making your resume an infographic itself? Linda Nakanishi, a creative director, and designer, made this resume that looks like a professional poster. With a jolly tone, her writing is creative and complements the wonderful infographic that is at the front and centre of her design. A perfect mix of professional and personal, Nakanishi makes herself not only a well-designed infographic but also a human that highlights talents she can’t show in her design: life skills.

06. Curriculum 3D

Inspired by the famous Jimmy Raheriarisoa’s flat CV, this design uses the illusion of 3D to create a visually pleasing and interesting resume. The Paris art director and motion director, used Cinema 4D, Octane and After Effects, this design uses playful designs and bright colours to bring to life his experience. It has an elaborate attention to detail that almost looks waxy.

07. Robby Leonardi

This interactive resume will remind you of your favorite high school video game. This genius idea requires employers to pay full attention, as they navigate through the resume. Robby Leonardi is a multidisciplinary design that clearly has a knack for animation. Not only is his resume fun to navigate through but he mentions having worked for big names like Fox and FX Networks.

08. Robynne Redgrave

Nowadays, resumes are usually sent online. In fact, websites have come to fruition to show off work but this tops the cake for delivering experience. Robynne Redgrave stands out by sending a mail package including a portfolio book, a letter of intent, application form, CV and her diploma. The design is impeccable and attention-grabbing, replicating an order you may have received at your own house for a product.

09. Jimmy Raheriarisoa

This resume design could be placed in a hipster coffee shop and be mistaken for a trendy work of art. The flow of this design starts with the most important information at the top in the biggest lettering and slowly shrinks as it gets into the specifics. Not only does it display the programs he has expertise in but the design itself shows his ability to pair fonts, complement different designs into one project and creatively use the space that’s given. Almost like a puzzle, this design is sure a pleasure to look at.

10. Julia Miceli

While this isn’t a video game or a pack of beer, it’s in its simplicity that lies the real creativity. Designed like a folder with business cards and a CV, this design is clean and shows the personality of Julia Miceli, a graphic designer from Buenos Aires. She’s created the whole stationery set of a resume: the A4 sized CV, a folder to fit all the components and business cards with a cut off to display them neatly. Her graphic design skills show through in the way it works collectively as a creative resume.

11. Zhi Liang

It’s true that we process pictures faster than words. And this resume, made by Zhi Liang, is a great example of an infographic resume that thrives on a lack of words. This resume was an assignment for the end of semester for this Singapore student. It includes all the important details and a few extra (his stamp collection is a playful touch) that showcase his skills simply.

12. Gisele Henne

When you think of design, you usually think of the colors and shapes that create a beautiful design for most projects. Gisele Henne, takes this a step further. She shows how her designs have delivered results, a metric that’s not commonly thought of in regards to design. This includes 20 corporate projects, managing 40 books, 70% print and more every year. Not only does it just show her metrics, but the creative process when working with her and a few clients she’s worked with. Her logical resume is overly impressive.


When you’re in the design industry, the job market can get overcrowded with job seekers just like you. The great thing about the industry is that creativity is applauded and encouraged. Show who you are as a designer and as a person through a creative way. It sets you apart from the rest and get your experience looked at. At the very least, it doesn’t hurt to try!