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Project Highlights

Custom Design

We created a completely custom website design for Optus Business in Figma and used carefully selected stock that we branded with the Optus 'Yes'. Our UI design featured Quick Links on the home page hero banner strategically diverted users to the product landing pages and lower bounce rate.

Conditional Logic Pricing Form

We built a conditional logic pricing form where users can fill out their phone plan requirements and the form will conditionally show the recommended plan for their business needs. The form featured minimal fields, with a clean, modern UI to maximise lead generation.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Bold crafted a high converting landing page designed to generate mass leads. By selling the idea of instant pricing, the "Business Pricing" form was instrumental in encouraging users to fill in their contact details and phone plan requirements, which Optus Business sales staff would follow up with a phone call.

Primary Consumer Research

We conducted interviews with sales staff to identify what were customer's key questions and objections about the Optus Mobile Business Plans on offer. As expected, we found that the number one driver for choosing Optus Business was having access to a local Australian based support team. For this reason, we emphasised that Optus Business provide local Australian support to their customers and created customer case studies to prove this point.
Alecia Abigail
UI Designer &Marketing

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