Project Highlights

Brand Creation

Successfully fulfilling the client's brief, we created a modern, fresh brand and logo for Handypay that presented them competitively in the 'buy now, pay later' space. One of the challenges Handypay faced was their brand messaging was very dilute and was not clearly directed at the young, homeowner couple target audience. We searched through hundreds of stock photos to find a select few that we branded with the Handypay orange and yellow shapes to craft a strong brand that connected with audience.

Loan Application Form

We re-designed the entire multi-step Loan Application Form to make sure the users experience from the website through to the approved loan application was seamless and uniform. The previous online form had a very old, dated feel. We brought the form design and interface up to speed so it was comparable with other popular 'buy now, pay later' providers, such as ZipPay and AfterPay.

Marketing Asset Creation

We designed all of Handypay's marketing assets - including A4 brochures, rate cards, window decals, X-frames, postcards, and digital flyers. These marketing materials were provided to Handypay Merchants through easy download via the website.
Alecia Abigail
UI Designer &Marketing

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