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Project Highlights

Logo & Brand Refresh

We modernised the GoDo logo by introducing modern green gradient colours which were carried throughout the website and branding, including the GoDo Card. This was particularly important as GoDo is a fintech brand and presenting the brand as fresh and innovative was key to showing the audience and potential investors that GoDo is on the cusp of wages on demand innovation.

Online Calculator

We designed and developed an easy to use online calculator that allowed employers to calculate how GoDo impacted their bottom line. Simple slider scales were used to quickly input the total number of employees, hourly rate and adoption rate.

Lead Magnet Creation

To increase wage earner sign ups, we implemented a lead magnet where users could 'begin a card application' online by first entering their name, phone and email address. Upon clicking "Submit Application", users were met with a Thank You page notifying them that one of the GoDo Sales Staff will be in touch to discuss their application.

Modern Animations

To give our design that international edge, we used subtle floating and transition animations. Animations also helped to draw users attention to specific elements on the page and keep them engaged as they browse the website.

Dynamic Google Reviews

We pulled Google reviews dynamically onto the landing page to help position GoDo as trusted and credible. Research shows that third party reviews are very persuasive from a marketing perspective, whereas cherry picked reviews are often met with consumer skepticism.
Alecia Abigail
UI Designer &Marketing

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