Ducati Motors


Project Highlights

Smart Email Marketing Dashboard

We built a smart email marketing dashboard native to the site that Ducati used to drive sales. Automated email campaigns were sent to their customer database by using dynamic product tags so that customer's received targeted emails based on the products they had purchased.

Order Bumps, Upsells/Cross-sells

We implemented order bumps, where customers would see an upsell product post-checkout that could be easily added to their cart in one click.

AfterPay/ZipPay Integration

To increase average order value we integrated AfterPay and ZipPay which has been proven to double and event triple eCommerce sales. We knew that Ducati's target audience were heavy users of buy now, pay later schemes and so this integration was absolutely essential for driving online sales.

Multi-currency eCommerce

Ducati's customers are worldwide so we implemented multi-currency where the displayed currency on the website dynamically changed depending on the users GEOIP.
Alecia Abigail
UI Designer &Marketing

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