Project Highlights

Dynamic Map Data

We created a dynamic javascript map that allowed users to view the various health programs and initiatives Country SA PHN was running across Regional SA. Users could zoom in and out on the map and filter down to regions, health services and health providers.

Social Media Feed

We developed a feed that automatically sent social media posts from Facebook and Twitter to the website so site visitors could see the latest health news in real time.

File Management Directory

Country SA PHN needed an easy to use file management system that health professionals could access online and download various health documentation, such as referral templates, care plans and action plans. Bold designed and developed a clean, modern file management interface that was filterable by resource title and resource type.

Easy to edit CMS using Gutenburg Blocks

It was very important that Country SA PHN staff could easily edit the 150+ pages on their site in a visual way. We developed custom Oxygen blocks that enabled admin staff to copy, paste and edit page sections in a modular and user friendly way.

Site Architecture Creation

One of the main challenges Country SA PHN were facing on their previous website was that information for health professionals, internal staff and the community was very difficult to locate within their 150+ page site map. Bold recreated the entire site architecture with a clean mega menu that meant users could get to where they wanted to go in just one click.
Alecia Abigail
UI Designer &Marketing

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