Art Balloon


Project Highlights

Customisable Products

We designed and developed dynamic product pages that allowed customers to personalise their balloon purchase. The customisation product form featured conditional logic that changed the displayed price in real time. Customers could choose balloon colours, add-ons, balloon text, and more.

Instagram Feed

We added a dynamic instagram feed that was set to update every 2 hours, showcasing the most recent Art Balloon creations.

AfterPay Integration

To increase average order value we integrated AfterPay which has been proven to double and event triple eCommerce sales. We knew that Art Balloon's target audience were heavy users of buy now, pay later schemes and so this integration was absolutely essential for driving online sales.

Smart Email Marketing Dashboard

We built a smart email marketing dashboard native to the site that Art Balloon used to drive sales. Automated email campaigns were sent to their customer database by using dynamic product tags so that customer's received targeted emails based on the products they had purchased.

Delivery Calendar

We designed and built a delivery calendar that was synced with Art Balloons Google Calendar for ease of delivery management. Art Balloon admin staff were able to configure their delivery availability by setting up time slots and blocking out days as required. At checkout, customers were then able to select the time slot that best suited them.

Flexible Shipping Rates

We configured custom shipping rates for Art Balloon such that they only delivered their balloons to specific postcode regions. If customers entered a postcode at checkout that was outside the delivery zone they were notified that pickup was the only shipping method available to them.
Alecia Abigail
UI Designer &Marketing

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