Font combinations for web designers.

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by Bold Web Design Adelaide, Australia

Combining fonts for impact in web design & marketing online.

Combining fonts can feel like finding the lost mate to a pair of socks: there’s no hope.

Imagine how many lonely socks are behind your washer, dryer, under your bed, in a bag tossed to the back of your closet, or stuffed in the couch. Imagine the amount of socks you’ve gone through during a lifetime!

Just like socks, there are tons of fonts out there, and we consume so much content.

There’s many more fonts than you may even realize. Confused as to where to start when choosing your own? Look for one first. If you don’t have at least one sock in a pair, there’s no point in looking for his match. That’s what our font combination tool is for! All you do is start with one font and it generates several fonts that pairs well with it. As simple as that. No fuss, no confusion, and definitely no lost soul (or, sole) mate.

Fonts In Standard Website Design

When you think of web design, what do you think of? Big pictures, intricate designs, or bright colours, perhaps? We’ll let you in on a little secret. The smallest details are usually the most important. Fonts have more impact than many notice. A specific font can make or break those designs with big pictures, intricate designs, and bright colours. Baskerville, for example, is seen as a trustworthy font. Want to look modern and chic? Try Lato. Traditional at your core? Bodoni is a great option.

The right fonts increase the readability of a text, making your content more effective. After all the tweaking you put into the content on your website or project, the last thing you want to do is put it in a font that’s hard to read for the space and style available. Fonts are the vehicle in which your content is given. If your content’s meaning and the style of your font don’t align, your reader will be left confused. For example, a bank would never put their website content in Alegreya. This font comes across as playful, while a bank wants to seem reliant and trustworthy.

Styling Fonts in eCommerce Web Design

Shopping for fonts that will help your ecommerce website? Your goal is guide the customers to where you want them to go, not necessarily for your website visitors to notice the font. Clear and concise are winners in this category. These fonts show up well on online shops!


With clean lines, Lato is a modern option that adds a sleek appearance to any body of text.


More geometric of a font, Montserrat has a lot of versatility to its look when put in different weights.


Elegant to its core, Raleway has old style characteristics but stays sophisticated.

Donts in PPC Marketing

When using fonts for paid advertising, the stakes are much higher. You’re paying for this information to get to people! It’s important to look for fonts that are easy to read and quick to read. With any social media platform, the amount of time you have to capture a potential customer is short! If your ad doesn’t capture the customer first, there’s sure to be other content to click on.

Here are our top fonts that are easy to read!

Playfair Display

A serif font, Playfair Display is to the point. It’s an elegant font without much intricate detail.


A sans serif font, Helvetica is sleek and modern, making is extremely readable.

Open Sans

A sans serif font as well, Open Sans is an very open font, featuring tall lowercase letters.


If you can’t tell, there’s a font for everything. There is no lack in the world of font varieties. Yet, this makes it a daunting task to pick two that work well together. With this font combination tool, you are able to see which fonts compliment each other. Whether you’ve picked out one font, or haven’t picked out any, this tool can give you some inspiration.

Plus, all the fonts paired with our font combination tool are given the stamp of approval from us. You can guarantee you’ve got a good pair if it comes from this tool. Unlike sock pairs, font pairs work better when they’re opposites. Just like the rest of the design world, it’s all about balance.