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Bold Marketing Adelaide is a full service digital agency specialising in Google & Facebook advertising. Before we talk tactics, we thought we would explain our strategy.

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Not Aware

People that are not aware of the problem & are usually not familiar with your brand.

Problem Aware

People who are aware of the problem however, don’t see the urgency to immediately search for a solution. Overlooked by most small to medium businesses.

Information Collectors

People looking for information on how to solve their problem. Often looking for an authority or industry leader.  Overlooked by most small to medium businesses.

The Buyers

People ready to buy now. This is where most businesses focus their marketing efforts.

You won't double your Revenue by just targeting 4% of your audience.

Focusing on the 4% is crucial, however, to significantly skyrocket your revenue a focus on the next 2 tiers is essential. It’s a strategy that most businesses never take advantage of but has proven to be a game changer.

Turn "Information Collectors" into customers by using an Authority Funnel.

Platforms: Google Display, Facebook Display, Email Capture

Create a free in-depth piece of content that explains the problem and solution in detail.

This can be a white paper, a product video, a detailed guide anything that provides extraordinary value for free. Something that a client would almost be happy to pay for.

Platforms: Re-Marketing Facebook, Google Display, Email Marketing

Show them a real-life example of how someone else solved the same problem.

Whether it’s a case study, in depth video review (from a client), a news article…anything detailed that proves others are solving the same problem they have. It’s important this is shows an unbiased review.

Platforms: Re-Marketing, Email Marketing

Create a landing page offering a fantastic deal on solving the clients problem.

Finally, create a “high-value offer” landing page with a strong call to action. This page is purely focused on providing a fantastic deal to encourage the customer to convert. The previous steps in the funnel have laid the groundwork for trust & authority.

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Motivating the “problem aware” by showing them the extraordinary benefits of solving the problem.


Encouraging the “problem aware” by showcasing other people you have helped to solve the same problem.


Proving your product or service is the best qualified to solve the problem.

Where to spend you marketing efforts

Motivate the "Problem Aware" to bring them around to a conversion.

The most effective way to bring the “problem aware” around to conversion is to motivate & remind them of the benefits of solving their problem.

Let's Talk Platforms

Each platform has it’s pros to be excited about & it’s cons to watch out for. Schedule a free strategy session and let us create a custom digital marketing strategy that skyrockets your business.

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Google Search Network

Commonly used to target the 4% of clients ready to buy. Provides small, however, targeted PPC traffic generation. 

  • Targets users in buy mode - high conversions
  • Fantastic ROI with near-instant results
  • Expensive if campaigns are not optimised
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Google Display Network

Potential to target the 45% of potential customers and piggy back of your competitions traffic & marketing efforts.

  • New: Target your competitors website visitors
  • Access to large news sites with cheap traffic
  • Large volume of traffic generation.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads rely on ads that emotionally connect with your audience to drive large amounts of segmented traffic.

  • Allows for custom lookalike audiences
  • Brand awareness with social engagement
  • Expensive if campaigns are not optimised

We've got a track record as industry leaders.

We’ve written for top industry publications, spoken at conferences, produced extraordinary ROI for our clients & have been rewarded with local & leading brands who have been with us for several years.

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