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Custom designed website doubled the enquiries for leading pet boarding company.

What caused the increase? Dolittles is a multi-location chain of pet retreats that had recently been acquired and was in desperate need of an entire website rethink. While the site was converting well there was still a lot of room for improvement. We spent time researching customer objections, worries and any hesitation to making an online booking.

Bold Web Design found the majority of concerns could be addressed before the scroll and provided reassurance the further the user scrolled. Customer concern is not always the key but for Dolittles, enquiries soared as users felt that Dolittles was a safe place for their furry best friend. Often high converting design is not always about changing a headline or the colour of a button rather giving an impression or a feeling to the user that conveys trust. It’s a combination of photo selection, design & typography coming together that causes the user to say “I trust this brand”.

What the customer said about bold?

“Hi guys just wanted to say that we have seen an large increase already in online enquiries, I knew the new design would work well the moment we saw it. Thank your team for me.”

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