"Our mission is to generate more profit for Adelaide Businesses"

We have designed for some of Australia’s leading brands such as Virgin, Intercontinental, and Bupa. Bold has been responsible for seeing small startups grow to national companies, and local small business just dominate their local industry. We’ve been designing websites for over 12 years, spoke at conferences, won awards, and successfully designed and launched a myriad of online marketing campaigns. 

One of the main reasons why our sites are successful is every site is designed by a senior web designer. No site is just handed to a junior to complete, no matter what your budget. While our junior designers help ease work load and complete tasks, the main thrust of every design is completed by our lead designer.

"We're the team behind some Australia's leading brands online."

James Scanlan

They say coders are the new artists, unique carefully crafted lines of code all linking together to display something powerful. James has extensive experience in PHP .NET & C+ and creates custom functionality for any online web application. Have a new function or idea for your website? This guy can handle it.

Jesse Lambert

Jesse’s passion for design and development has driven his career, resulting in his extensive background in customer experience. Jesse worked with the multinational mass media company News Corp, one of the world leading media groups, in the digital department gaining an invaluable insight into user experience on digital platforms.

Alecia Abigail

So how does that make you feel? Alecia is that person that always likes to see things from someone else’s perspective. With her degree in Psychology and ability to step inside someone else’s shoes, its her role to make sure that all our sites are easy to use and an intuitive experience for the user.

Debbie Morgan

Debbie is responsible for Google Ads marketing at Bold Web Design. Debbie is also Bold’s chief content creator. Her innate talent for the written word, coupled with the ability to position herself in the mind of a prospective client, enable Bold to provide its clients with websites that not only look great but are effective and persuasive.

Kevin Aurilla

You need the site to look good on mobile tablet and desktop? Kevin takes our awesome designs and makes them web friendly. Fluent in HTML, CSS and PHP, Kevin works closely with Sam to develop the front end of our award winning web sites.

Sam Jean-Marc

Sam is the founder, lead designer and front end developer at Bold, the Adelaide based web design and marketing agency behind the revamped online presence of some of Australia’s most well-known brands. Sam has taken the business from strength to strength, working with multinational companies such as Hilton, Mercedes-Benz, Levi’s and Bupa to produce attractive, highly successful websites, designs, or marketing campaigns.